Microsoft Invites Nextech to Global Education Partner Summit
Global Education Partner Summit

Microsoft Invites Nextech to Global Education Partner Summit

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Nextech AR, a provider of AR and VR experience technologies for education technology virtual conferences, and eCommerce stated that Microsoft has invited the company to GEPS (Global Education Partner Summit), which is scheduled to take place from 8-10, Feb 2021.

Global Education Partner Summit is an invitation-only event providing opportunities to build connections, learn about Microsoft’s investments in education technology, and strengthen partnerships. 

Nextech has been invited to show its capabilities and successes in the field of education. Nextech will present whitepapers, videos, and other virtual handouts highlighting Nextech’s success in the education segment and also provide an opportunity to build a relationship with some of the top leaders in the industry.

The RALE program (Nextech’s partnership with Ryerson University) is delivering collaborative augmented reality learning experiences to 5,000+ first-year biology, physics, and chemistry students. Ryerson and Nextech are trying to revolutionize STEM learning via dynamic education experiences that include AR objects, 3D, downloadable course content, and live demonstrations, which are made available through the platform.

“We’re excited to be partnering with a global technology leader like Microsoft to showcase how our leading-edge technology, which allows educators to truly take virtual education to the next level. During this event, our Nextech team will elaborate on its successes in delivering educational solutions and identify new business opportunities through breakout sessions.” – Vivian Chan, Chief Channel Officer, Nextech AR.

“We are truly gratified that Microsoft extended us this invite and see this as a big opportunity for Nextech to work with Microsoft executives who really have the ability to affect industry-wide change using our augmented reality in education. We have already built and delivered a robust AR platform solution for Ryerson University, which, with the reach of a global partner like Microsoft, we can duplicate globally. The market timing is perfect for our augmented reality solutions. In 2021 we have a unique opportunity to introduce students all over the globe to learning using immersive AR technology, which we have proven makes a huge positive difference in education.” – Evan Gappelberg, CEO, Nextech AR.

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