Try on Cosmetics Virtually on the Google App Using Augmented Reality
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Try on Cosmetics Virtually on the Google App Using Augmented Reality

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The tech giant is all set to introduce a new ‘try it on’ experience on the Google App for a select few cosmetics-related searches. Built in collaboration with ModiFace and Perfect Corp, the feature will use augmented reality to let users visualize thousands of eyeshadow shades and lipsticks. Debuting this week in the US, the application will provide the consumers with a new way to shop products from brands such as L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury.

A swatch of shades will pop up on the knowledge panel when you search for certain products on the Google app. The app will allow you to view these eyeshadow or lipstick products on several models of varying skin tones. You can even try on these cosmetics on your face virtually using your device’s front camera.

Google also announced updates to the Google Shopping section and Discover feed which will now start showcasing product recommendations from beauty, apparel, and home and garden enthusiasts. These recommendations will also display paid ads for the corresponding products.

The new augmented reality integration will help position the Google app as a more appealing shopping platform for users beginning with the cosmetics industry. It will bring in more traffic to online retailers and provide numerous marketing opportunities to manufacturers and brands.

Professional makeup artists, Jonet, and popular candle makers, Homesick Candles, demonstrated how the feature works. The app will help the consumers get a more comprehensive idea of what they are buying by imitating a ‘physical experience’ of a product to the digital ecosystem.

Ultimately, there’s potential for Google Shopping and Discover feeds to showcase recommendations from a variety of sectors, opening up doors for brands to leverage out of influencers on the platform.

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