Disney Obtains a Patent for Its Virtual World Simulator Ready to Debut at Theme Parks Soon
Disney Virtual World Simulator

Disney Obtains a Patent for Its Virtual World Simulator Ready to Debut at Theme Parks Soon

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The entertainment and media conglomerate, The Walt Disney Company, has been granted a patent for a Virtual World Simulator to engage and interact with its users within a 3D virtual world. The idea is to create a virtual metaverse at Disneyland accessible from multiple vantage points without glasses, goggles, or digital devices.

The said simulator would facilitate 3D imagery using multiple projectors capable of generating a high rate of images per second. It would deploy a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping or SLAM technique to follow the ever-changing point of view of a visitor moving across a real-world venue like a theme park attraction.

The 3D virtual effects within the Virtual World Simulator in real-world venues could incorporate several animated characters with simulated objects, props, and artwork. The company aims to bring the technology onto platforms like Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

“Rather than look through a phone screen or a headset, Disney developed a system almost similar to a movie projector to project on a real surface what humans see on a screen,” said Founders Legal patent and technology technical adviser John DeStefano. “It’s more real-world experience rather than looking at it through a phone.”

Nevertheless, Disney is fast-tracking the Virtual World Simulator technology development for a near-term rollout to capitalize on the rapidly-growing market for such technologies.

“Disney believes others are going to get into this space,” said Founders Legal patent attorney Yuri Eliezer. “They want to make sure they get this patent first.”

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