Parlem Telecom Conducts a Trial of AR-powered Shopping in Barcelona Using 5G
AR-powered Shopping in Barcelona Using 5G

Parlem Telecom Conducts a Trial of AR-powered Shopping in Barcelona Using 5G

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The Catalonia-based telecommunications company, Parlem Telecom, has conducted a trial for an AR-powered shopping experience in Barcelona by harnessing the power of 5G with the Internet of things and edge computing.

The trial opens up the possibility of incorporating augmented reality and personalized virtual retail in traditional crowded markets. The application enables users to pick products from traditional crowded markets through a ‘personal shopper’ wearing AR glasses.

Moreover, 5G could create new possibilities for personalized and immersive online sales in traditional markets, providing customers with similar experiences as physical locations in digital environments.

The trial, at Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria market, aimed to provide users with a virtual shopping experience using AR technology. The Augmented Reality Personal Shopper app enabled users to select specific products from market stalls in real-time and obtain more information about them using AR.

The shoppers can interact with the stallholders live via video conferencing and ultra-high-definition images. During the shopping process, the personal shopper wears the AR glasses while being present in La Boqueria, while the users can access the market via an AR interface.

The Augmented Reality Personal Shopper application was developed in collaboration with the i2CAT Foundation.

Parlem Telecom CEO, Ernest Pérez-Mas, said, “The development of an innovative application with augmented reality in an environment as emblematic as La Boqueria can be a step forward for the e-commerce sector and ensure that local businesses can evolve digitally without losing their identity, thanks to the potential of 5G.”

The 5G Catalonia project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a total budget of €5.4 million.

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