e& and Meta Partner to Explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech Opportunities
Explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech Opportunities

e& and Meta Partner to Explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech Opportunities

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The UAE-based telecom service provider, e& (formerly Etisalat), has inked a ‘partnership roadmap’ with Meta to explore virtual reality and augmented reality tech opportunities.

The Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram parent will work with the telecom company to develop the conversational commerce space. Conversational commerce is eCommerce done through various means of conversation using technology, such as speech recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. It also offers numerous applications for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, a primary focus for Meta.

e&’s advanced 5G network could help power a platform with capabilities to amalgamate all such technologies to provide cutting-edge service to consumers, helping them embrace a digital-first lifestyle more efficiently. The two companies plan to jointly develop powerful, seamless digital experiences to lead a digital transformation effort within the region.

The UAE telco had previously signed a similar partnership with another US tech giant, Microsoft. It is also looking to deepen that partnership further to explore more opportunities in the area.

e& aims to foster creative development and automation through building immersive experiences and strategic partnerships to ‘elevate its global positioning.’ The company will run a group-wide effort to create a more ‘productive work culture.’ It is looking to deploy customized learning paths and certifications, training, and workshops. The company will also implement novel internal communications plans and augment workplace collaboration.

A key agenda for the company is to ramp up the next set of digital services for its customers and help them adopt a ‘digital-first lifestyle.’ e& life, the company’s entertainment division, is working on next-generation technologies to bring smart connectivity platforms for entertainment, retail, and fintech sectors.

“An important element in our partnership with Meta is to design powerful, seamless digital experiences for all our customers so that they are empowered to advance their own digital transformation agenda with our support,” said Hatem Dowidar, CEO of e&.

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