NexTech introduces AR Human Hologram Marketing Platform “Genie in a Bottle” for TruLyfe
Genie in a Bottle

NexTech introduces AR Human Hologram Marketing Platform “Genie in a Bottle” for TruLyfe

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NexTech AR, a virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and service provider for education, eCommerce, events, and conferences, announced that they have launched “Genie in a Bottle,” a human hologram augmented reality marketing platform and new TruLyfe online store.

Through Genie in a Bottle’s augmented reality experience, buyers who buy specific immunity-boosting supplements from TruLyfe’s online store can scan a QR code on the supplement bottle to view an immersive augmented reality experience that is powered by the ARitize app. The QR code triggers a human hologram of a registered dietitian appearing as a 3D human hologram right on the bottle cap of the supplement, talking about supplements nutrition information. The augmented reality effect will be captivating, unique, and episodic to each supplement by showing 3D, volumetric recreations of plants, fruits, etc.

Initially, these augmented reality-powered Genie in a Bottle 3D hologram effect will be available for three specific products – Tru – Elderberry + Gummies, Tru – Turmeric + Gummies, and Tru- C Gummies. These three supplements will be available exclusively online via TruLyfe’s online store. They have a plan to expand the product range to Amazon and others.

With the introduction of augmented reality holograms and 3D views to the product encounter, TruLyfe and NexTech, in general, are trying to offer a new experience that no other brands can compete with. By introducing augmented reality holograms of registered dietitians to buyers’ homes, NexTech is trying to take their marketing to the next level.

Moreover, push notifications within NexTech’s ARitize app will help connect buyers with the AR hologram so that they can receive constant updates on their supplements and other promotional and brand information.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the TruLyfe Genie in a Bottle AR experience as their first dietitian AR-backed human hologram! Product information is delivered to customers in an uncomplicated and transparent way, ultimately leading them to make the healthiest and most informed decisions that may otherwise be complicated when browsing a jam-packed aisle in a store. I’m looking forward to helping empower customers’ knowledge and encourage them to live their healthiest lives.” – Noora Mousa, VP TruLyfe.

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