MG Launches a New AR-powered Digital Platform Called MG eXpert
AR-powered Digital Platform MG eXpert

MG Launches a New AR-powered Digital Platform Called MG eXpert

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The Indian arm of the leading global automaker, MG Motor India, has unveiled a new AR-powered platform to allow its customers to experience its cars from the comfort of their homes. Called the MG eXpert, the platform uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to deliver a virtual showroom experience.

It is not the first company to resort to a digital sales platform amid the pandemic. However, it is unique because it combines AR tech with a human touch to deliver a holistic car buying experience.

The automaker has collaborated with the tech company Eccentric Engines to deploy its Experience Manager tool. It offers a seamless product exploration process to bridge the gap between virtual and face-to-face interactions.

The MG eXpert process begins with the buyer choosing a model of their interest on its website. They then connect with a sales representative, who then live streams the vehicle using AR tech onto the customer’s screen. The representative then explains the various features, showcases the colors, accessories, and prices.

The platform will also offer customers financing options and physical test drive details. It will be up to use in select parts of the country, but the company plans to expand it by the end of Q2 2022.

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