Media Fusion Wins Contract to Develop AR Experiences for US National Park Service
AR experiences for US National Park Service

Media Fusion Wins Contract to Develop AR Experiences for US National Park Service

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The provider of media production and support services to federal and commercial customers in the US, Media Fusion, has received a contract from the US Department of the Interior to develop an AR app for the country’s National Park Service (NPS).

The company is tasked with developing a framework for the NPS App’s AR capabilities to enable the US national parks to add novel content, including AR features that augment the visitor experience.

Media Fusion mentioned two different use cases for the NPS App. Firstly, the app will enable the user to drop or place a virtual object within the park environment while on site. For instance, they could put an old historical building at the site and view how it might have looked. Secondly, the app will enable them to go through geotagged locations using an AR lens built into the platform.

“Our focus is always telling a story, usually involving very technical details or requiring complex development. We nail down the story and then choose the technology that best allows the client to share that story. Sometimes that’s AR, VR, or interactive touch platforms. Other times it’s a video, animation, or web/app development. We have all those capabilities under one roof, which makes us unique in this industry,” said Richard Williams, Media Fusion CEO.

“The National Park Service is a long-standing client, and we’re excited to partner with them on this next-level park visitor experience,” he added.

The value of the contract is a bit short of USD $300,000, and the duration has been set for eight months. However, no formal launch date for the AR experience has been finalized yet.

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