Google is Transforming the Most Searched Japanese Characters into AR Objects
Most Searched Japanese Characters

Google is Transforming the Most Searched Japanese Characters into AR Objects

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Tech giant Google has been active in the augmented reality space for a while now, and the AR search has been one of its most exciting developments. The Google app allows its users to get a 3D representation of many animals, objects, and places, right on their smartphone.

There are endless possibilities in terms of these features. For instance, you could virtually visit several cultural sites or study a range of 3D insects as they roam across your living room.

Now, the company is pivoting its focus to some of the most searched Japanese characters as augmented reality objects, allowing the users to view and interact with them up close.

Japan has been home to numerous classic anime, games, and TV shows and brought forward countless characters that are still very popular across the globe.

Google has picked the top 14 out of this lot and is bringing them into your environment using AR. Unsurprisingly, Pac-Man is currently at the top of the leaderboard in terms of worldwide search interest for Japanese characters. It is followed by Hello Kitty, which also made it to Google’s list.

Through a post on The Keyword, Google validated that anime is still the most significant worldwide trend amongst Japanese popular culture phenomenons:

“When it comes to the broader trends, anime wins out. It’s more popular than video games worldwide, with interest for anime climbing to its highest peak on record in the past month. That’s pretty amazing — and in fact, search interest for ‘anime sugoi’ (or ‘anime is amazing’) has spiked 2,300% in the past five years globally.”

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