Apple Chief Tim Cook Talks About Future AR Products & The Company’s Innovation Process
Apple Future AR Products

Apple Chief Tim Cook Talks About Future AR Products & The Company’s Innovation Process

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The speculation around Apple’s augmented reality smart glasses does not seem to tone down any time soon.

Tim Cook, the Apple chief, spoke about the company’s augmented reality plans in a recent interview and sparked even more interest in the rumors that have been doing the rounds.

During a remote conversation with Guillaume Lacroix, the CEO of Brut, at the Paris, France tech conference Viva Technology, Cook commented on the most exciting projects in the company’s works.

“I’m excited about AR. I get excited about AR because I see it as a technology that can enhance life in a broad way,” said Cook. “We’ve been working on AR first with our phones and iPads, and later we’ll see where that goes in terms of products.”

It is fair to deduce from the last sentence that the company has been working on a non-software AR product that could come into the limelight soon.

We have already seen countless rumors and leaks about what the Apple AR device may or may not be, and it’s impossible to know precisely what might be going on at Apple’s product labs. The leaks result from the company experimenting with different AR ideas, and some of them managing to leak out.

Cook also talked about developing products under cover of high secrecy, highlighting its importance.

“We try to fail internally instead of externally because we don’t want to involve customers in the failure. We develop things and subsequently decide not to ship [them],” said Cook. “We begin going down a certain road and sometimes adjust significantly because of the discovery that we make in that process. Failing is a part of life. Whether you’re a new company, a startup, or you’re a company that’s been around for a while and you’re trying different things. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying enough different things.”

Therefore, many Apple AR smart glasses rumors that made it to the surface might be amongst these never-to-be-released failures.

“I’ve gotta keep some secrets,” said Cook. “There’s always has to be something up our sleeve.”

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