Snap and Hyper Island to Launch an ‘AR Accelerator’ Program for Marketing Professionals
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Snap and Hyper Island to Launch an ‘AR Accelerator’ Program for Marketing Professionals

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The pioneering social media and augmented reality company, Snap, has inked an educational partnership with the leading transformative education provider, Hyper Island, to launch an educational program in Singapore called ‘AR Accelerator.’

The two-day course aims to help digital creatives, marketers, and brand managers by enhancing their understanding of AR and discussing its utilization for several marketing activities. It is a first-of-its-kind partnership for Snap in the APAC region, set to begin in September this year.

AR is gaining widespread importance as a technology for brands to build better customer engagement. Nearly 75% of the global population is expected to comprise frequent AR users by 2025. Currently, 92% of Gen Zs are interested in AR, with Snapchat being their go-to platform to share the purchases they love.

Over the years, Snap has transformed its AR features from just being a source of entertainment to providing exceptional utility for both consumers and businesses.

The rising smartphone and camera usage in APAC has accelerated the adoption of augmented reality. As a result, businesses are looking to integrate AR into their marketing and sales efforts to deliver immersive experiences, add product try-on features, and experiment with innovative formats to facilitate education.

“At Snap, we believe AR is unlocking channels to reach potential customers far beyond traditional offerings,” said Gareth Leeding, Head of Creative Strategy for APAC at Snap Inc.

The ‘AR Accelerator’ program in Singapore will enable participants to learn about the power and potential of AR. They would also learn about the development of full-funnel, always-on AR strategies, ideating and creating prototypes for the same.

The most significant advantage of augmented reality experiences is their ability to make each customer interaction personalized. Therefore, AR is far more effective in driving conversions than other forms of advertising and marketing.

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