ImagineAR and IMP Bring Automotive Events to Life Using AR
Virtual Automotive Events

ImagineAR and IMP Bring Automotive Events to Life Using AR

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Interactive Marketing Promotions and ImagineAR Inc., an augmented reality (AR) platform, announced the development of a new IMP Event App for automotive shows through a three-year license for a software development kit.

IMP has had prior experience in the arena through the Automobile Dealers Association of Metro Milwaukee’s Greater Milwaukee Auto Show in 2019 wherein they hosted an AR Scavenger Hunt. However, the pandemic has forced the industry to scale down automotive shows amid the need for social distancing for the safety of the attendees.

Users will now be able to keep themselves socially distanced through IMP’s new mobile app for the auto show industry, developed using ImagineAR’s SDK, which even eliminates the need for touching anything. It will employ headsets to project holograms right onto the user’s vision along with air-gesture detection, and voice recognition.

“We have successfully worked with IMP prior to the onset of the pandemic,” stated Alen Paul Silverrstieen, Founder and Chief Executive of ImagineAR.

“Our partnership will be focused on the automobile event marketplace as well as other opportunities in North America,” he added.

The pandemic has had a great impact on the retail industry, both online and offline. It has boosted up the rise of AR into the industry due to the increasing importance of hygiene and safety. Subsequently, several “try-it-on” and “try-before-you-buy” AR apps have made their way into the market. As per a Markets and Markets report, the AR industry raked in $10.7 billion in revenue in 2019 and is expected to shoot up to $72.7 billion by 2024.

ImagineAR’s licensed AR SDK and cloud-based suite will allow IMP to create immersive AR engagements for automakers that their customers can be a part of both virtually and physically throughout North America.

IMP CEO Bob Kames said, “By integrating the ImagineAR platform with our IMP app, we are providing automobile shows the most advanced interactive consumer attendee engagement solution and data capture tool.”

The ImagineAR mobile app is available for download both on the iOS and Android mobile app stores.

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