Las Vegas Hospital Gets the Infrastructure to Execute Surgeries Using AR
Southern Hills Hospital

Las Vegas Hospital Gets the Infrastructure to Execute Surgeries Using AR

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Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas began conducting spinal surgeries using augmented reality, becoming the first one in the city to do so. The southwest Las Vegas Valley hospital has joined the list of the small number of hospitals across the country that have access to the technology.

The objective of these AR-powered surgeries is to provide the treatment to the patient without opening up a large portion of their body and instead, executing the procedure accurately through a tiny hole.

The principle fundamentally is giving sort of an ‘X-ray vision’ to the surgeons through high-performance cameras and headsets. It works by superimposing the image of the patient’s body in front of the surgeon using AR. This would give them the ability to view exactly what they’re doing in real-time without the need to completely open the patient up.

Traditionally, the procedure requires the surgeons to make a large incision and expose the spine to carry out the necessary treatment. But this technology will allow them to place screws or rods just through a small hole.

Southern Hills Hospital neurosurgeon Dr. John Anson, said, “Through little tubes in the skin we are putting in screws and instrumentation but through … my goggles I can actually see a 3-D image of the patent’s spine superimposed right on their body.”

The medical community believes that it’s a huge and essential transformation that will lead to better patient outcomes and rapid recoveries.

Further on, the doctors at Southern Hills Hospital said that they expected the technology to be implemented for several procedures beyond spine surgeries shortly.

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