View Ballyclare Homebuilder’s Upcoming Properties using VR
Ballyclare Homebuilder

View Ballyclare Homebuilder’s Upcoming Properties using VR

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To showcase its upcoming properties in an innovative way to potential buyers, a local home developer from Ballyclare has resorted to virtual reality (VR).

Using a new Computer Generated Illustration (CGI) software, Simpson Developments aims to generate interest for its residential builds that are set to go on the market in the future, even before the ground is dug up at the project site.

A partnership between Simpson Developments, Belfast based BLOCK CPM Limited, and a European VR specialist firm has turned this novel real estate endeavor into a reality. 

The software has been customized to include several unique features such as interactive brochures and videos on the TV screens to provide a comprehensive viewing experience to potential customers.

Talking about their new platform, David Simpson said, “Our new VR tours accompany Simpson Developments’ brand-new website and both launches signal the completion of a rebranding process of the firm.”

“Some of our plans for the future have been pushed forward given the pandemic we are operating in, including the need to social distance and in some instances, the complete halt of viewings so this allows us and our home buyers to continue house hunting from the safety of their own homes in what is a very unique experience,” he added.

The developer’s newly designed website enables the users to go through property tours seamlessly on their laptops and smartphones.

Speaking about the changes in the industry due to the pandemic, he said, “Given that we are in another lockdown I think it’s important we offer an even better service, one that allows our image galleries and viewing processes to be as close to reality as possible because while the world may be at some sort of a standstill, there is opportunity to adapt and operate during these challenging times.”

The Ballyclare site that is the first one to be launched through the platform will feature 20 new residential properties in the heart of the town. It’s a £4m project that hints towards major growth plans for Simpson Developments.

“We are in the market to purchase more land this year than we ever have and with that will come major growth. We are very much looking forward to what 2021 brings.”

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