Fidelity to Explore Possibilities in the Metaverse with NFT Marketplaces and Virtual Real Estate

Fidelity to Explore Possibilities in the Metaverse with NFT Marketplaces and Virtual Real Estate

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The financial behemoth, Fidelity, is gearing up to make progress in the metaverse as part of its most recent Web3 development efforts, to the delight of users across the metaverse.

The company submitted three trademark applications in the United States for several Web3 services and products, such as trading in cryptocurrencies, investing in virtual properties, and NFT marketplaces. Users are giddy as they anticipate the metaverse offerings due to the investment giant’s most recent move. 

The company is reportedly investigating metaverse investment services for mutual and retirement funds. Another area is delivering educational services and conferences on virtual reality platforms.

“Conducting classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences in the field of investments and marketing financial services in the metaverse and other virtual worlds,” read the company’s trademark filing.

A metaverse electronic payment method will also be rolled out as the filing states, “financial administration of credit card accounts in the metaverse and other virtual worlds.” 

NFTs, cryptocurrencies, electronic wallet services, financial management advisory services in virtual real estate, and referral services will all be included in the metaverse’s digital asset trading services.

The filing also comprises electronic wallet services, such as electronic storage and processing of virtual currency for electronic payments and transactions using a global computer network, virtual currency, digital currency, and cryptocurrency digital tokens.

Despite harsh criticisms from some lawmakers regarding its recent crypto offerings and the market slump, Fidelity Investment’s push into cryptocurrencies this year has been nothing short of excellent. The company announced plans to give organizations, and their staff members access to Bitcoin (BTC) in their 401(k) retirement accounts in April.

The investment firm also introduced Fidelity Crypto, a service that enables average investors to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on their phones with no commissions. Instead of other top companies cutting staff in October, the company increased its digital asset division by hiring 100 people.

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