Korean Travel Retailer Showcases Metaverse Ambitions with the ‘Virtual Lotte Duty Free Tower’

Korean Travel Retailer Showcases Metaverse Ambitions with the ‘Virtual Lotte Duty Free Tower’

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Lotte Duty-Free showcased a digital shopping space housed in the metaverse at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The four floors of the ‘Virtual Lotte Duty-Free Tower’ included fitting rooms, boutiques, and lobbies devoted to the major fashion, cosmetics, and perfume categories.

Customers could move avatars around a virtual space in what Lotte Duty-Free called a ‘hyper-realistic futuristic store’ by donning head-mounted display (HMD) devices.

After extensive testing, Lotte Duty-Free intends to finish a 10-story configuration of the Virtual Lotte Duty-Free Tower (LDF Tower) by the end of the year. The company will then formally launch the metaverse platform.

The top-ranked travel retailer in Korea and the second-ranked worldwide are taking part in the tech event for the second year. Last year, customers could browse bags, accessories, shirts, and pants in a virtual showroom and try them on in a virtual changing room. The emphasis was on fashion and accessories.

Customers can browse brands while moving an avatar of their choice in this year’s experience. Fashion was expanded to include cosmetics and fragrances, and customer networking allowed real-time communication.

Customers with HMDs switched to first-person view mode as soon as they entered the changing room. It allowed them to look through and try on various items.

This year, it made stores for each participating brand to capitalize on their unique identities and accurately resemble the experience of browsing in a physical store. A partnership with four brands – MCM, acmé de la vie, Make Up For Ever, and L’Occitane – Lotte Duty-Free gave customers access to product information for each and let them test out different items on their personalized avatars.

The company intends to develop the idea of the Virtual Lotte Duty-Free Tower so that users can make purchases and payments in the metaverse. The retailer also has plans to increase brand collaboration in the categories of jewelry and alcohol.

“We have participated in CES for two consecutive years and presented a futuristic shopping life to our customers with the metaverse content implemented by Lotte Duty Free. We will continue to present a new business model based on sustained investment in the metaverse and digital technology,” stated a Lotte Duty Free spokesperson.

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