Australian Open Metaverse Announces for AO23 ArtBall Mint

Australian Open Metaverse Announces for AO23 ArtBall Mint

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AO Metaverse has released the schedule for ArtBall 2023 mint, a project NFT Technologies Inc. is working on with Tennis Australia. NFT Technologies Inc. partners with top brands to help them enter the world of Web3 faster through innovative technologies and unmatched creativity.

The public minting of the AO ArtBall 2023 will be sold through a Dutch auction on January 12 (Midday PT 3 PM ET), with bids starting at 0.5 ETH.

“Last year, we set a new precedent at the intersection of tech, art, tennis, and live data,” said Adam De Cata, CEO of NFT Tech. “This year, we’re breaking new ground in offering all Members new benefits and a deeper fan experience in perpetuity for all future AO tournaments.”

Match Point equivalent tickets are a new feature for AO23. A claim for two tickets to the equivalent match at AO24 will be made for any AO ArtBall that scores a Match Point on the AO23 court. The AO23 ArtBall Member will receive two free tickets to the Men’s or Women’s Singles Final at AO24, respectively if an AO ArtBall wins the Match Point from the Men’s or Women’s Singles Final. 

2,454 new AO ArtBalls have been added to the project, including 115 ArtBalls in a brand-new Collaborator series. Aiming to provide even more value to members and open up new possibilities for token-gated experiences, the project team has been compiling a Collaborator ensemble since AO22. In the new “Collaborator” series, notable projects and companies like Collective Shift, Creature World, Crypto Chicks, Chainlink, Decentraland, Joyride Games, Marriott International, Metakey, Opensea, Penfolds, the Nouns Foundation, and others contribute additional designs and advantages.

At the nexus of innovation and sport, AO ArtBall provides a membership that opens a brand-new arena to keep fans engaged in the action on and off the court. Membership is available through AO ArtBall, a collection of 6776 NFTs from the ’22 collection and 2454 NFTs from the ’23 collection (totaling 9230 ’23 court plots). Holders receive unprecedented tickets to the best tennis, sporting, and entertainment events in addition to one-of-a-kind rewards from top Web3 projects, which encompass both the real world and virtual worlds.

Each ArtBall has a connection to a courtside plot. The ArtBall is updated in almost real-time to highlight the match information, present a 3D visualization of the Match Point, and apply a holographic sticker to the ball casing indicating it is a Match Point ArtBall if the winning shot from any of the approximately 400 AO matches lands on that plot.

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