VR TikTok proposal video becomes social media sensation
VR TikTok proposal

VR TikTok proposal video becomes social media sensation

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A man proposing to his girlfriend while playing a virtual game has shared the video gesture, which has been viewed more than five million times.

Jordan Flom, a personal trainer, uploaded the video to TikTok last Thursday.

“Virtual Reality PROPOSAL!!” Jordan captioned the video clip. The clip has been since shared across a variety of social media channels.

At the beginning of the video, Jordan holds the engagement ring as his undoubting girlfriend remains deep in concentration while playing a VR game.

At the right moment, Jordan Flom kneels in front of his girlfriend to propose. After the VR game ends, his girlfriend Rachel takes off the VR headset to find her boyfriend on his knee with the ring.

The unique proposal was a tremendous success, with the couple having been married for three years now.

Jordan reposted the video before Valentine’s Day, the exact day he proposed to her in 2016. Reactions to the video were divided between those who thought the video was romantic while another group who believed the video was boring.

“This is the funniest cutest thing I’ve seen today,” one woman commented on the video. Another commented, “Was this on valentines day because that is just lazy, uncreative, and basic.”

Surprise proposal clips are becoming popular online, with some videos garnering millions of views. Virtual engagements and weddings are also becoming popular during the current lockdown period.

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