Brisbane VR Training Company Bags a Biden-backed Contract with UDC
Next World Brisbane VR Training Company

Brisbane VR Training Company Bags a Biden-backed Contract with UDC

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Making a significant leap into the United States, Next World, a Brisbane-based virtual reality training company, has signed a contract with the University of the District of Columbia.

To facilitate training for several scenarios without having to visit potentially dangerous sites, Next World offers a range of virtual reality training modules.

As part of the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better economic and infrastructure mandate, the University of the District of Columbia is partnering with Next World to introduce a new course, Critical Infrastructure.

“When it comes to the technology sector, the US is the place to be, so we’re really pleased to get our foot in the door there,” said Michael O’Reilly, Next World founder, and CEO.

“In the US we’re very focused on getting affiliations with universities, so we hope UDC will be the first of many, because safety training in the US is often through universities and colleges, so that is a natural fit for us.”

University of the District of Columbia professor Anthony Mazza discussed the scope of their collaboration with Next World to bring the course together.

“Next World is a key player in our ground-breaking new course which specifically aligns with the Biden Administration’s economic incentive to roll out a workforce development plan to address critical infrastructure issues in the United States,” he said.

Chris Lu, the former Deputy Labour Secretary and the Head of the Biden Transition Team, personally signed off on UDC’s course with Next World. It has been specifically designed to combat the country’s crumbling public infrastructure.

O’Reilly also revealed that the company is in talks with several other universities, including Boca Raton and the City University of New York, for similar programs.

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