UW College of Education launching Virtual WYTeach competition for students
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UW College of Education launching Virtual WYTeach competition for students

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UW Trustees Education Initiative and University of Wyoming College of Education are partnering with Mursion, a developer of VR training simulations, to present the inaugural WYTeach competition.

The top three participating students will be granted scholarships to either UW or Wyoming community colleges. Interested students can register and submit a lesson plan by 12 March. Students can register at www.uwyo.edu/wyteach.

In Wyoming and across the country, schools are encountering a shortage of teachers. The WYTeach contest was promoted to get high school students engaged in teaching careers to overcome the shortage. Through this contest, students will have the opportunity to exercise their professional skills and put their teaching skills to the test by managing a class of students through a VR simulation.

The contest will be completely online, allowing interested students to participate through live-video streamed directly into their home classrooms. The Mursion system will recreate the classroom environment and mimic a real-world teaching experience.

The VR student characters and teachers can hear and see each other and letting them react in real-time. The students also can display behaviors, like using a smartphone, for the teacher to notice and respond.

UW College of Education faculty members will choose the top 12 lesson plans being submitted and invite the students to the second round of the competition.

The top 6 participants will make it to the WYTeach finals to present the lesson programs they had developed for the virtual students. A team of experts will observe and judge the finalists.

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