Zac Duff’s JigSpace raises $4.7M in Series A funding

Zac Duff’s JigSpace raises $4.7M in Series A funding

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Former Art Director Zac Duff used his 3D design experience to build a VR classroom to make virtual learning more engaging and fun for students.

Students use VR headsets to be transported to the Ancient Greek-inspired classroom, which is built by Duff.

Yet, Zac Duff knew that this learning system could not be scaled easily as most schools do not have virtual reality headsets to send, and also, many teachers do not have enough experience to teach using this technology. However, Duff saw the potential for a model that lets anyone create 3D presentations and share information in augmented reality.

“Right at the center of it is knowledge transfer. It’s about one person giving knowledge to another person in a really effective way. We have those systems in 2D, but in 3D, we didn’t have it, and it was a really complex, expensive technical process that you had to go through to build anything, and that stuck with me.” – Zac Duff. 

Using this learning model, Duff started his company JigSpace in 2017. The JigSpace platform has more than four million users with a 4.8 (average) rating on the App Store.

JigSpace users can interact in augmented reality with 3D models that show how to repair drywall, build a Lego Star Wars spacecraft, or fix a leaky sink. 

JigSpace has recently received $4.7 million in Series A funding. The funding was led by Rampersand and new investors, including Roger Allen AM and Vulpes. The JigSpace app is free to download. 

Jigspace earns revenue from the Jig Pro platform, designed for manufacturers and businesses. The individual subscription price for Jig Pro is $49 per month.

“The best area for us has been in durable manufacturing because almost all manufacturing products have CAD files, so the 3D already exists. Then, we’re able to work with those companies to give them the tools to create knowledge material around their products.” – Zac Duff.

JigSpace also collaborated with Snapchat to build a Lens that enables users to scan kitchen items to show 3D Jigs that show how kitchen appliances work.

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