New VR-based simulator by Honeywell trains industrial operators
New VR-based simulator

New VR-based simulator by Honeywell trains industrial operators

Honeywell recently stated that an advanced industrial training solution which incorporates 3D immersive technology. The tech provides operator training simulation to build a collective learning and training environment for plant operators and engineers. This training tool is a combination of VR and mixed-reality.

“Faced with increasingly complex technology and an experienced workforce nearing retirement, operators need robust technical training and development solutions that accurately depict real-world environments. Traditional training approaches often fail to meet the mark when helping panel and field operators and maintenance technicians in process plants become better at their jobs. The result can be reliability issues and increased operational incidents.” – Pramesh Maheshwari, VP and GM, Lifecycle Solutions and Services, Honeywell Process Solutions.

The training simulator provides a virtual walkthrough to familiarize operators with the plant. This virtual walkthrough covers avatars representing virtual team members. The tool’s cloud-hosted device-agnostic platform adds flexible 3D models and evolves with the user as operations changes in the plant operations change.

Honeywell’s Immersive Field Simulator gives training for the digital-native employees. It supports employees in learning while reducing situations resulting in downtime and ultimately developing competencies in multiple areas.

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