New ‘Innovation Lab’ by Wing1Werx opens at Malmstrom Air Force Base

New ‘Innovation Lab’ by Wing1Werx opens at Malmstrom Air Force Base

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A new ‘Innovation Lab’ devoted to the air force to focus on innovative ideas has been opened at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

The Innovation Lab is a spacious conference room that is equipped with a VR headset with drafting software, and Wi-Fi enabled tablets. Airmen can transform their ideas into real solutions by investigating and corresponding with academic sources, commercial partners, and Department of Defense organizations.

Wing1Werx launched Innovation Lab and works as the innovation activity hub on base. Their overarching aim is to improve Airmen’s daily working lives and serve the purpose by increasing wing efficiency and lethality.

Since the beginning of the InnovationLabs, Captain Joseph S. Hap, 341st Missile Wing innovation lead and the leadership team, has been working on this project to expand Airmen’s possibilities.

“The Innovation Lab is for Airmen who recognize solvable issues or problems with processes in their workplace. Anyone can participate in innovation, and this lab can be where the rubber meets the road.” – Capt. Joseph S. Hap.

Wing1Werx was launched in February 2020. It was started as part of AFWERX, which is an Air Force and Department of Defense action to encourage a culture of innovation and engage with new businesses within the Air Force. The program is important to the ballistic missile mission at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Another important pitch, Air Force eSports, has now been executed across the force.

“We want Airmen to start with an idea, flesh out that idea, do some brainstorming and see which method or means could be used to bring that idea to fruition. Your work-related problems and the subsequent solutions are the fuel for this program that we want to make available for years to come” – Capt. Joseph S. Hap.

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