Morehouse College launches VR campus in partnership with VictoryXR and Qualcomm
VR campus

Morehouse College launches VR campus in partnership with VictoryXR and Qualcomm

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Morehouse College has recently announced that it will lead its higher education courses into a new frontier this year will provide students with 2 classes in virtual reality.

“Providing an immersive classroom experience for our students during this pandemic is important, and Morehouse College is pleased to lead the way.” – Dr. Kendrick Brown, Provost of Morehouse College.

The sessions are more than just virtual classes held over video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Instead, they are fully immersive virtual reality experiences. A Qualcomm Technologies donation will provide the Morehouse College students with an Oculus Quest 2, allowing them to access immersive and digitized Morehouse campuses and classes.

The virtual reality campus will enable students to attend class in real-time. Students on the virtual reality campus will have the ability to benefit from the digital experiences that virtual reality tech will provide.

“We believe that immersive education through VR is a transformative way to learn. It’s great to see Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program partner, VictoryXR, continue to help scale VR education, especially with an acclaimed college like Morehouse.” – Brian Vogelsang, Senior Director, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies.

Biology 105 and History 112 will be the first two classes being taught through the VR campus.

“Standing together with students and learning about deadly serious health issues with a human reproductive system in the classroom will take learning to a new level. We are very excited to pioneer learning in VR.” – Dr. Vereen.

“Higher ed must not be afraid to take remote learning to a more immersive and effective level. With this virtual reality campus, students will be able to travel back in time and stand on a naval carrier or travel to places across the globe.” – Dr. Hamilton.

VictoryXR has provided Morehouse College with the digital campus and learning objects.

With conventional learning methods suffering because of COVID, the world can see how virtual campuses boost student engagement and assist them with learning through immersive virtual tech.

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