MindScape clinic introduces one-of-a-kind Immersive VR to improve ketamine-assisted treatments
Immersive virtual reality

MindScape clinic introduces one-of-a-kind Immersive VR to improve ketamine-assisted treatments

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MindScape clinic in Houston is one of the first centers to introduce Immersive virtual reality to improve ketamine-assisted treatments.

The clinic aims to deploy the proprietary Immersive virtual reality platform across the company’s complete network of clinics.

“Sensory-enhancing nature of IVR has been proven to help patients suffering with mental illness, and has been shown to reduce relapses.” – Press Release.

“We are excited to further develop IVR-enhanced therapies to our patients and to continue spearheading innovation in ketamine-assisted treatments.” – Dr. Quang Henderson, MindScape.

MindScape uses intravenous ketamine therapy to treat mental health disorders, chronic pain conditions, and mood disorders. Patients who undergo Immersive VR-based treatments receive an individual therapy plan that determines their individual goals and mental state.

According to Dr. Henderson, MindScape was one of the first clinics within Texas to provide ketamine therapy and has treated 2,000+ patients since the inception of the clinic. 

“Our vision is to create a concierge-type of atmosphere for all patients, from any walk of life, and work towards breaking the stigma of mental health while providing a judgment-free therapeutic treatment experience.” – Dr. Henderson.

The clinic is also investigating the potential of wearable tech to improve personalized treatment programs. Ketamine One is in the process of launching clinical studies towards the end of 2021 to explore the potential for Immersive virtual reality to improve patients’ treatment outcomes.

“The launch of our IVR therapy at MindScape is the first step towards what we believe is a potential paradigm shift for ketamine-assisted therapies and the future of psychedelic-based therapies.” – Adam Deffett, VP of Capital Markets, Ketamine One.

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