McDonald’s Is Gearing Up to Open a Virtual Restaurant in the Metaverse
McDonald's Virtual Restaurant in Metaverse

McDonald’s Is Gearing Up to Open a Virtual Restaurant in the Metaverse

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The fast food company McDonald’s is reportedly planning to open a virtual restaurant in the metaverse. The discovery was made by trademark attorney Josh Gerben who revealed that the company had filed 10 new trademark applications in line with the idea.

The applications comprise trademark protections for ‘virtual food and beverage products;  downloadable multimedia files containing artwork, text, audio and video files and non-fungible tokens.’ Additionally, it also includes entertainment services such as ‘virtual concerts and other virtual events’ along with a virtual restaurant ‘featuring actual and virtual goods.’

A possible application of the idea could be allowing gamers within the metaverse walk down to the virtual restaurant to place an order without putting down their headset. The order could then be delivered to their front door.

Nevertheless, this is not the first instance for McDonald’s to experiment in the metaverse. Last month, the company partnered with Chinese-Peruvian fashion designer Humberto Leon for an interactive virtual exhibit to celebrate Lunar New Year.

The McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs launched on January 31 and can be experienced until February 15 on virtual reality platforms AltspaceVR and Spatial.

“Kicking off Lunar New Year with McDonald’s in a way that underscores the creativity and innovation of the Asian-American community, makes me proud to offer a true expression of my identity and the influences that have shaped it, to which I know many will relate,” Leon had said in a statement.

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