Mark Zuckerberg Demos the Highly Anticipated Project Cambria VR Headset

Mark Zuckerberg Demos the Highly Anticipated Project Cambria VR Headset

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The metaverse pioneer and Facebook parent, Meta, recently provided a brief glimpse of its latest virtual reality headset project, Project Cambria. The company began teasing the new high-end virtual reality headset back in 2021. Since then, it has been touted as a quasi ‘Quest Pro’ device.

Nevertheless, apart from a few teasers, not much information was ever disclosed about the device. However, the company’s Chief, Mark Zuckerberg, recently posted a video on Facebook showcasing the headset’s potential for the first time. He provided a brief overview of the device’s capabilities, but the headset itself was blurred out.

The short video shows Zuckerberg using the headset for several mixed reality activities. Cambria’s full-color video passthrough lends it the ability to deliver mixed reality experiences, enabling the user to observe their environment with digital overlays. This characteristic sets the Cambria apart from the Quest 2, which only features a black-and-white passthrough.

The company had previously stated that the headset targets more work and enterprise-related applications. However, the video by Zuckerberg displays a mix of both.

Zuckerberg puts on the blurry headset in the video and interacts with a virtual gremlin on the floor. It appears as if he is throwing a ball around, and the gremlin is chasing it. He also kneels to pet the virtual animal. Thereon, he can be seen altering the color of the walls, superimposing them with magnificent scenery.

The mixed reality demo in the video is an experience called ‘The World Beyond.’ It is powered by Meta’s Presence Platform, which the company announced last year. It would soon be released for developers so they can start building applications for the platform.

The video also showcased a few real-world scenarios highlighting the device’s purpose. For instance, Zuckerberg can be seen interacting with floating Facebook Messenger screens, a virtual work desk, and more. It also displays footage of a virtual yoga instructor superimposed right in front of him.

Project Cambria is due to be launched later this year, but there is still not much information about its specs or pricing.

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