MeetinVR Unveils Its Upgraded Metaverse Collaboration Solution

MeetinVR Unveils Its Upgraded Metaverse Collaboration Solution

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The ​​long-distance collaboration platform powered by virtual reality, MeetinVR, is launching the next generation of its metaverse offering for businesses and education. The upgrade comprises new tools, environments, and UX and visual enhancements for VR and the web platform. It will feature two new digital rooms, The Rooftop and The Workshop, while the existing ones are being refurbished.

The updated version has already been rolled out for the Meta Quest Store. The company’s virtual reality platform has been facilitating meetings, workshops, training, and education engagements since its inception in 2016.

“We are seeing more and more companies having outstanding results by collaborating in the metaverse using MeetinVR. Many of these companies are looking to expand their use of our solution, and therefore, we are releasing our biggest upgrade yet,” said Cristian-Emanuel Anton, the Founder of MeetinVR.

The primary use case for the platform over the past year has been workshops. This prompted the company to introduce a new room, called The Workshop, for these particular users. The virtual environment has been uniquely designed to bring people together and prompt them to participate in active learning.

The platform features a facilitator functionality, custom canvas setup, timers, breakout zones, and a whiteboarding experience to effectively transform workshops into a metaverse-based activity instead of the traditional physical gatherings.

The fundamental purpose of MeetinVR is to facilitate collaboration through virtual reality or mixed reality medium. However, it is fully compatible with PC or Mac. Companies can deploy the software to simplify internal or external interactions and organize meetings, seminars, or training sessions using tools such as a 3D pen, virtual displays, speech zones, personal tablets, whiteboards, and more.

The platform has a free version and a range of subscription plans suited to distinctive user needs. The company also offers complete customization for customers who need the virtual environments to meet their specific requirements, such as resembling their physical offices as a ‘digital twin.’

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