First Multiplayer User-controlled Metaverse to be Launched by Victoria VR
Victoria VR Multiplayer User control

First Multiplayer User-controlled Metaverse to be Launched by Victoria VR

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The blockchain-based platform that prides itself as a one-of-a-kind virtual reality ecosystem, Victoria VR, is launching the world’s first multiplayer metaverse that will be in the total control of its users.

Blockchain innovations are being fueled by consistent advancements in technology and virtual reality, which startups like Victoria VR are effectively harnessing. The decentralization capabilities of blockchain technology are giving rise to several new applications of virtual reality. As per the release, the proposed VR world will be based on an “Unreal Engine, and it is designed to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games and decentralized applications, collectively creating a metaverse, with enhanced user satisfaction.”

In the Victoria VR metaverse, users can own a piece of virtual land that they can use to build or create whatever they want. Churches, schools, casinos, and any other real-world monument can be recreated on these 10 by 10 meters plots. Visualized educational content can also be created and delivered by turning these lands into an education platform. 

A quest challenge will also be introduced in the Victoria VR world. Such initiatives will make any venture into the virtual world highly fun-filled and productive for the participants. These quests will also offer several complimentary rewards up for grabs for continuous engagement.

A revolutionized Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that will be functional way beyond mere decorations will also be offered by the company. The owners of these NFTs can obtain ‘superpowers’ in the metaverse that can consistently generate more tokens for them. They can also be flipped further for a profit.

The entire system will be governed and sustained by the VR Tokens currently sold through a presale on Dexfin ahead of the platform launch. The tokens will be used for all activities on the Victoria VR platform, from purchasing lands, NFTs, etc., to selling any of these assets.

The company aims to overcome social distortions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through its easy-to-use tools for creating items and the host of offerings to provide a fun-filled holistic experience to its users.

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