Dubai-based Institution Creates a VR Campus to Take Its Students to Mars
VR Campus to Take the Students to Mars

Dubai-based Institution Creates a VR Campus to Take Its Students to Mars

The Emirates scaled new heights with its Hope Probe entering the Martian orbit even when the pandemic brought numerous sectors across the world economy to a halt. It became the first Arab nation to reach the Red Planet in its first attempt and has now been planning a mission to the moon while aggressively sourcing local talent for its space programs.

UAE has also set up a first-of-its-kind University for AI and has been rapidly adopting new-age tech like AI and virtual reality. Progressing on these lines, a Dubai-based University has combined VR devices and creative ideas for space exploration to create a virtual campus to take its students to Mars.

The VR campus, modeled as a space station in the red planet’s orbit, aims to help students learn more about the cosmos and Earth’s red neighbor. A realistic 3D environment will enable the students to examine objects as they interact while learning.

The initiative also marked the first instance of immersive tech being used for education in the Arab world. The ecosystem will foster creativity, and an imaginative course about the cosmos indeed establishes a new milestone in this age of virtual classrooms.

Beyond the virtual learning domain, UAE has also been working on a prototype for its very own Martian city out in the desert. The project’s purpose is to prepare for colonization of the planet by the next century.

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