British Military using VR platform to make its soldiers combat-ready
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British Military using VR platform to make its soldiers combat-ready

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According to a BBC report, British military soldiers who have to go out into a battlefield to fight are using VR to train.

The report published by BBC shows how the British military is using SimCentric’s VR system Saf-Tac and blending it with the Oculus Rift S headset and software from Unreal Engine to create simulation training for soldiers.

According to the report, the software from Unreal Engine supports the development of 3D virtual worlds by using ready-made parts. The training simulation uses Unreal Engine graphics from Epic Games’ which resembles the shooter games running on the same software.

The technology enables SimCentric to immediately develop specific training situations for whatever exercises the soldiers want to run. The accelerated creation of scenarios for military training exercises gives soldiers the best possible training to reality. The software comes with in-game physics, making the bullets shot during the training fly the right way.

Nevertheless, the British Army is not the only one leveraging VR to train its soldiers. According to a Futurism report of 2019, the U.S. military created a VR platform to train its soldiers in realistic battlefields filled with AI agents.

With the help of the VR platform, soldieries can simulate any place on the planet that their army might someday fight a war and prepare them for the area’s terrain.

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