‘BRINK Traveler’ Will Take You On Photorealistic Hikes In VR Starting September 9th
VR travel app BRINK Traveler

‘BRINK Traveler’ Will Take You On Photorealistic Hikes In VR Starting September 9th

The VR travel app, BRINK Traveler, lets you hike through realistic 3D locations, created with the help of some detailed photogrammetry, and learn more about them along the way.

The app offers up to 18 different places to hike around, spanning across a dozen distinctive locations. The app is set to launch on Quest and SteamVR headsets on September 9th and would feature more locations subsequently.

A few of the most impressive natural formations in the United States and Iceland, such as Horseshoe Canyon, White Pocket, Mount Morrison, Mount Whitney, Alabama Hills, The Wave, Arches National Park, the North and South side of Death Valley National Park, Antelope Canyon, Crystal Crag, and Haifoss waterfall, are set to make their way on the platform.

Similar to Valve’s The Lab, launched back in 2016, the Brink Traveler combines photogrammetric scenes with interactive elements to allow you to delve deeper into the experience using details like an errant rock on the ground or running water off in the distance. Photogrammetry is a technique that deploys high-resolution photography to recreate intricate models of a real space.

To make the experience more realistic, you get a few bits of kit to help you along the way during the hike. A dependable compass enables you to navigate around discrete bits of the trail and a virtual guide to exploring more about the spots you are hiking around. Moreover, you can collect points of interest and capture photos during the experience.

In addition to its launch on the Quest and SteamVR headsets on September 9th, Brink Traveler would soon make its way to smartphone AR on iOS and Android operating systems.

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