Bristol Cricket Club Partners with Virti to Deploy VR for Training Players
VR for Training Players

Bristol Cricket Club Partners with Virti to Deploy VR for Training Players

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The Bristol-based cricket club, Stapleton CC, has inked a deal with Virti to deploy cutting-edge deep-learning technology using VR to enhance the training regimes for its players.

The 158-year-old club expects the introduction of VR to enhance players’ engagement with the sport over the winter months, or the off-season for cricket in the country, to continue training effectively and “remain on their A-game.”

The application combines slow-motion, drone-captured, and 360-degree VR training footage, filmed at Stapleton grounds and directed by the coaching team. The content is being offered to 210 players for free.

The videos have been segregated into 30-minute sessions covering several batting and bowling techniques, with specific guidance for beginners and children. The club plans to create additional modules in consultation with senior players and the coaching staff.

Players can access the videos through a mobile, tablet, or an AR/VR headset through the Virti app. The app will also collect data on each player’s progress, enabling the coaching team to provide relevant feedback.

Stapleton Cricket Club’s first team coach, Damian Forder, said, “The reaction to the VR training has been incredibly positive, with senior and junior club players showing real enthusiasm to try their hand at virtual cricket. By giving all of our members the opportunity to train and develop their skills outside of club practice sessions, we’re making the sport more inclusive and accessible than ever.”

“All of the coaching and management team here at Stapleton hope that our partnership with Virti will help us to inspire a new generation to fall in love with cricket,” he added.

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