Avrio Analytics Introduces AR Training Tool to Help Prepare Firefighters
AR Training Tool to Help Prepare Firefighters

Avrio Analytics Introduces AR Training Tool to Help Prepare Firefighters

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Tennessee-based Avrio Analytics has unveiled an AR-powered tool for training firefighters and keeping them field-ready for the real world.

Called Forge, the tool incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and biometric training to facilitate “hands-on training in digital but realistic environments that simulate real emergencies.” The platform aims to ensure that firefighters possess the necessary communication, situational awareness, and other capabilities required to tackle emergencies.

“Biometric and performance data collected during training allows Forge’s AI to dynamically change the training based on the user’s cognitive load, such as providing more or less guidance to the individual or introducing new training complexity in real-time,” said Avrio Analytics CEO Alicia Caputo. “This allows for training sessions tailored to the ability of the individual, enhancing retention and elevating expertise.”

The tool offers various scenarios comprising different types of fires or hazardous material situations, vehicle accidents, residential and commercial buildings, and triage. Furthermore, the company believes that customization is vital for the success of its product. 

The pricing for the platform starts at $10,000, inclusive of the necessary hardware and software and pre-built training scenarios ready to use. Small, rural, and volunteer departments might also be eligible for equipment leases and discounts.

“The system includes an iPad for instructors to generate an unlimited number of their own custom scenarios from a large library of structures, environments, and hazards,” Caputo added. “Avrio offers additional services to add custom structures or hazards if there are specific buildings or scenarios a department wants, allowing a completely custom training application relevant to the structures a department or station actually responds to.”

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