Army of the Dead VR Experience to Tour the World This Summer
Army of the Dead VR Experience

Army of the Dead VR Experience to Tour the World This Summer

Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead is all set to be reprised as a brand new virtual reality experience called Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance.

Viva Las Vengeance is an extraordinary new experience based on the epic movie from the Justice League director. It puts players right in the middle of the blood and guts zombie action. This tide through the dead-infested wasteland in virtual reality will be nothing like the first-person shoot-em-ups that you might have played.

This summer, the experience will be touring America and has been co-developed by Netflix, Fever, Pure Imagination Studios, and The Stone Quarry. The tour will begin in New York and then further travel through Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Diego, Seattle, Orlando, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The VR experience will then move to London in England, Paris in France, Madrid in Spain, and Berlin in Germany.

To launch the remarkable VR experience, Zack Snyder appeared in a video to promote the upcoming event and released the first look at what it has to offer.

“I’m so excited to finally announce that this summer we’re taking Army of The Dead on the road,” Snyder said in the video. “This summer you get to join the Las Vengeance team as we give you the opportunity to put on a headset, pick up a weapon and go behind enemy lines in a truly immersive experience to bring home some Vegas survivors.”

The tickets for the experience will be on sale at starting June 3rd, 10 am EDT. You can also enroll on a waitlist to be notified when the tickets for your nearest city are up for sale.

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