Vuzix’s showcases new microLED smart glasses at CES 2021
microLED smart glasses

Vuzix’s showcases new microLED smart glasses at CES 2021

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Vuzix, the wearable, and AR provider, showcased its most advanced pair of smart glasses powered by microLED technology at the CES 2021. The company has partnered with Jade Bird Display to develop this latest technology. In recent times microLED displays are considered as an alternative to OLED screens.

These new smart glasses from Vuzix are very impressive, which can project a color image or stereoscopic monochrome on both the lenses with different resolutions and pixel densities, based on the software requirements.

According to the company, the smart glasses will support LTE and Wi-Fi along with stereo speakers and will also be supported by Android and iOS gesture-based touch controls. The upgraded version is yet to be named and priced.

Vuzix’s smart glasses are directed more toward businesses, particularly after Intel acquired a 30% stake in the Rochester, NY-based company in 2015. The move toward workplace-focused augmented and virtual reality products have been stimulated by the slow but steady adoption of VR headsets and glasses.

The warm consumer reception to augmented reality and virtual reality products has not stopped some of the bigger companies from trying their luck at consumer smart glasses. Amazon has entered the smart glasses segment with the Echo Frames, while Facebook has partnered with Ray-Ban to develop its first pair of smart glasses.

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