OVR Technology Unveils ‘INHALE 3’ Olfactory VR Platform with Exciting Upgrades

OVR Technology Unveils ‘INHALE 3’ Olfactory VR Platform with Exciting Upgrades

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The olfactory virtual and augmented reality tech provider, OVR Technology, has unveiled its INHALE 3 Wellness Platform, the third iteration of its immersive VR experience to facilitate relaxation and general well-being.

The platform offers a unique immersive experience, putting users in a first-person view to enable them to interact with virtual objects that trigger the release of a scent through particular actions. The system incorporates a wide array of scents, including campfire smoke, marshmallow, lavender, rose, and wet soil, offering a truly realistic and one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

The latest release of the INHALE 3 brings a refurbished user experience to the INHALE Wellness Platform. It features a streamlined interface and adopts a novel approach to helping users reach their desired mood state outcomes. As the users relax in a peaceful VR setting, the system releases the corresponding scents precisely according to the visuals to replicate the real-world experience.

The upgraded version introduces new scent mood orbs and virtual shapes that users interact with during the immersive experience to produce the desired mood state outcome. Each orb features a unique color and scent, connecting with an optimal mood-specific mediation track. They produce experience to reduce stress, promote calm and focus and put the user in a state of deep relaxation.

The deep relaxation mood orb features a new mixture of deep, rich scents that foster the feeling of warmth and security. The destress mood orb features pleasant, fresh scents. And the calm focus mood orb features scents, such as freshly-cut grass, associated with alertness.

The company has also curated its next iteration of scents within the virtual environment, comprising ‘waterfall’ – an earthy, wet dirt scent, ‘shoreline’ – a fresh marine scent with a hint of seaweed, and ‘mountaintop’ – a coniferous ozonic.

INHALE has been deployed by several partners in the healthcare, professional training, and education sectors.

“INHALE helps our patients engage in relaxation,” said Charlotte Bareiss, Executive Director of Ascendant New York, a drug and alcohol detox center. “INHALE helps disrupt the fight-or-flight response and provides the relief patients need to continue engaging with their therapy.”

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