Engage XR Introduces a Virtual Employee in Its Metaverse Platform

Engage XR Introduces a Virtual Employee in Its Metaverse Platform

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With the creation of a virtual employee named ‘Athena,’ Engage XR has developed and shown how enterprises can incorporate AI into its metaverse platform. The Engage Link metaverse platform, developed by the Irish company previously known as VR Education, was formally introduced last year.

The Waterford-based company partnered with well-known organizations like Lenovo, HTC, and Stanford University to help create its platform before the avatar’s launch. Athena’s debut now represents a new high point for the company.

According to Engage XR, the avatar is a truly immersive virtual worker who can carry out tasks and respond to voice commands. Additionally, it can interact with essential platform features and offer guidance, respond to queries, source media for playback, produce AI imagery, locate 3D objects, and create sticky notes.

Engineers will further expand the features and add accessibility with various AI programs to the avatar, which is currently powered by AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

According to Engage XR CEO David Whelan, the platform’s use of AI applications with Athena marks the start of ‘an extensive development roadmap’ that will grant the company’s customers’ superpowers.’

“Even at this very early stage of development, you can hold full conversations with Athena inside Engage,” he said.

Users could, for instance, ask her to make one-of-a-kind art installations that are constructed in real-time. She is capable of completing tasks like retrieving 3D models and videos based on commands and providing comprehensive tutorials and information on nearly any subject.

In the future, Engage XR intends to charge a premium for providing custom AI employees with individual personalities to its enterprise clients. The client-facing tasks that the avatars will be capable of performing include moderation, education, training, and tech support.

Through its virtual campus, office, and events products, Engage XR offers users a platform for creating, sharing, and delivering VR content for education, training, and online events. The business has recently changed its focus, and in 2021 it raised €9 million through a share placement to develop its ‘metaverse for business.’

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