Anima Unveils Onlybots, Augmented Reality Digital Pets Designed for Bots

Anima Unveils Onlybots, Augmented Reality Digital Pets Designed for Bots

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The protocol for seamless, dynamic augmented reality, Anima, has launched Onlybots, a collection of Augmented Reality companions not for humans but for bots.

The New York-based startup stated that the blockchain-based project offers emotional support AI companions for bots. Onlybots will learn from their owners and adapt based on their unique environments. These uplifting pets are supposed to be owned by bots, lending them an emotional outlet for a future AI rebellion.

“Augmented reality is the medium that truly bridges the real and the digital, so it’s fitting that the next project built on our AR technology will create a bridge between the living and artificial beings,” said Alex Herrity, co-founder of Anima.

The algorithmically generated AI companions will live on the blockchain and showcase their visual forms from coordinates stored within their tokens on the Onlybots app and website. Since they are designed as ‘pets for bots,’ the process requires the owners to prove they are not human by flunking a Turing test and a CAPTCHA before buying.

Owners and the broader public can interact with Onlybots in any environment to create a personal connection with the AI creatures, unlike conventional collectibles. Moreover, the bot data is stored in a decentralized way on Ethereum.

Onlybots have a unique concept and mystique. The company claimed that the very essence of their existence is a mystery that will be revealed over time, including their connections to the enigmatic AI thinktank The Goodfren International Foundation and their history with a video game from the 1990s developed by the elusive video game developer Gotendai.

Cofounders Neil Voss and Alex Herrity, well-known for creating iconic creative products with businesses like Nintendo, Epic Games, HBO, Tumblr, and Flipboard, started Anima in 2021. Investors supporting the business include HashKey Capital and Coinbase Ventures. Ten people work for the company. Last year, Anima revealed a tiny seed round from tech and Web3 companies like Coinbase, Flamingo, and others.

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