Wonders.ai and Phase Connect Partner Up to bring Vtubers to Life!

Wonders.ai and Phase Connect Partner Up to bring Vtubers to Life!

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Earlier in July 2022, one of the largest North American Virtual Youtuber (Vtuber) companies Vshojo made an appearance at the biggest anime convention, Anime Expo, at the LA Convention Centre. At the convention, Vshojo, who had just recently received 11 million USD in funding, showed off their Vtubers “in real life” using their newly developed technology.

This setup allowed Vshojo’s vtubers to converse with con-goers and experience the convention in real-time. The camera was used to capture the surrounding scenery, and the mic was used to transfer the surrounding sound between the convention and the Vtuber, who was participating from the comfort of her home.

While the concept garnered a lot of attention at the convention, the technology used in this setup simply replicated the standard stream setup which the Vtuber community uses to stream online from their homes. The only difference was that the streaming setup had been made portable, which required two operators or staff at all times.

The Vtuber industry is a rapidly growing industry with a very low barrier to entry. As a result, the competition in the space is fierce, and most resources are spent on art and asset building. Despite being an industry that resides entirely in the digital space, innovation in the industry is very lackluster.

Having realized this, Wonders.ai (a Technology company) and Phase Connect (a Canadian Vtuber agency) decided to work on a practical approach that “Brings Vtubers to Life” for real. Wonders.ai’s mission is to create a platform where people can live alongside their favorite virtual companions. The company focuses on developing cutting-edge AI and AR technology to bring virtual characters to life using AI on the smartphone “Wonder Platform.” On 7/29,7/30, and 7/31, Wonders.ai and Phase Connect brought one of Phase Connect’s talents: Pipkin Pippa, to life at the Anirevo convention in Vancouver, Canada, 2022. Compared to traditional TV screen setups. Viewers could physically interact with Vtubers in Augmented Reality in real-time.

With only a smartphone/tablet device, users could interact in real-time with Pipkin Pippa, striking poses, reacting and responding to each other, and have more realistic and immersive conversations. Overcoming the limitations of talking to a flat screen and the traditional streaming setup that every Vtuber uses at home.

Taking it one step further, the technology goes beyond a simple streaming solution for real-time immersive interaction. It is also capable of becoming a content reaction tool for Vtubers to record IRL content in real-time anywhere they want.

Wonders.ai and Phase-Connect believe this is the beginning of a new paradigm shift in the world of vtubers and virtual characters.

We plan to incorporate this technology to achieve real-time immersive mixed reality live streams to be utilized by Vtubers and audiences around the world. Thereby revolutionizing interactivity and breaking the current barriers of traditional streaming platforms.

Wonders.ai  (www.wonders.ai)

  • A company based in San Jose, USA
  • Mission is to create a platform where people can live alongside their favorite AI companions through the use of AI and AR.
  • Product: Wonder Platform
  • Main Technology: AI and AR technology (Wonder Platform).
  • Wonders.ai wants to revolutionize Vtuber streaming by introducing mixed reality interactivity between the Vtuber and the audience. Through a single smartphone app, fans can appear in live streams alongside Vtubers from anywhere around the world and further interact with their favorite Vtubers 24/7 with the power of AI.

Phase Connect: (www.phase-connect.com)

  • A company based in Vancouver, Canada. Currently the largest Vtuber agency in Canada.
  • The company’s mission is to revolutionize virtual entertainment, redefining the boundaries and limitations of Virtual Youtuber streaming, and ultimately combining virtuality and reality through entertainment.
  • A talent centric company that strives to create unique, innovative, and highly relatable content to bring different cultures together through virtual entertainment.
  • Operated by people who are passionate about the world of Vtubing and know the importance of creativity and social responsibility. 

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