Unstoppable Domains and Ready Player Me Partner to Introduce Interoperable Metaverse Avatars

Unstoppable Domains and Ready Player Me Partner to Introduce Interoperable Metaverse Avatars

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To facilitate the interoperability of digital identities in the metaverse, Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains is collaborating with the digital avatar creation service Ready Player Me. Users of Ready Player Me can create and move avatars between metaverse platforms, such as Spatial and Somnium Space. Thanks to its alliance with Unstoppable, users can use Ready Player Me to create avatars and utilize them as profile pictures. 

Users can quickly create an avatar by uploading a photo of themselves, connecting to an existing Ready Player Me account, or using the latter option.

In addition to the 650 partner apps of Unstoppable, users who link their avatar to their Unstoppable identity will have access to over 6,000 applications, games, and metaverses from Ready Player Me.

According to Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains, adding Ready Player Me avatars to users’ profiles strengthens their online presence and gives them more access to Web3 technologies.

“Your Unstoppable profile is the center of your digital identity,” said Carter. “With interoperable flows like this, you can envision your avatar becoming the center of your visual identity across all of your favorite metaverses.”

The partnership’s ability to give their avatar personality is something that Ready Player Me is also excited about.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Unstoppable, our users can now claim their Web3 domain and expand their digital identity beyond metaverse platforms,” said Timmu Toke, co-founder and CEO of Ready Player Me. “They will be able to take advantage of all of the features offered by Unstoppable Domains, creating a single place for presenting their virtual identity.”

Unstoppable has increased the number of its products to facilitate interoperability and accessibility of Web3 identities over the past year. The company introduced a mobile app in August to simplify access to wallets, dapps, and metaverses. Users can search for Unstoppable Domains addresses on blockchain data explorers thanks to the company’s December release of Etherescan and Polyscan.

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