Moth+Flame, SHRM Create Immersive Learning Marketplace Focused on Corporate Training
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Moth+Flame, SHRM Create Immersive Learning Marketplace Focused on Corporate Training

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The pioneering developer of VR-powered immersive training technology, Moth+Flame, has created its first enterprise-grade immersive learning marketplace focused on corporate training. It would enable companies to facilitate essential training in an immersive format via an iPad or a VR headset.

The company’s immersive conversation learning technology features real people in natural environments, helping learners experience true-to-life workplace situations where they can apply the learning objectives to achieve positive outcomes.

Moth+Flame has collaborated with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to create the training series, helping transform SHRM’s traditional learning modules into an immersive and more engaging format.

The title of the first SHRM learning experience is ‘Having Difficult Conversations.’ It has been designed to enable leaders to raise sensitive issues with their employees. The experience takes learners through a typical workplace scenario where they apply empathetic listening techniques and participate in a complex conversation about an employee returning to work from medical leave.

Conversations in VR can help the learners respond in real life more confidently and make them better aware of how to act in certain situations. A VR simulation puts the learners in a safe space where they can practice these conversations without any negative implications.

The VR experience draws inspiration from ‘Talking Taboo: Making the Most of Polarizing Discussions at Work,’ a book by SHRM Chief Knowledge Officer Alex Alonso, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP. It applies the ‘Me+We+WO+RK’ framework to facilitate greater inclusion in occupational environments.

“This new program brings the framework to life by allowing learners to practice using the framework to solve issues commonly associated with complex or troubling workplace conversations,” said Alonso.

The SHRM learning experience leverages AI to accurately capture and interpret the learner’s communication style to better measure empathetic behavior. Moth+Flame explained that the experience would enable organizations to increase learner engagement and provide insights that can help enhance these development programs.

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