Enovis Launches ARVIS, an AR-powered System for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries
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Enovis Launches ARVIS, an AR-powered System for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

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The pioneering medical technology company, Enovis, has announced the commercial launch of ARVIS or its Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System.

The FDA-cleared system has successfully contributed to over 200 cases across the US. It is the first-of-its-kind proprietary, real-time, hands-free augmented reality system designed for orthopedic surgeons to assist them with precision guidance during hip and knee surgeries.

The orthopedic surgical guidance technology enables surgeons to place and align implants during surgery. Unlike conventional robotic systems, ARVIS is a self-contained, wearable surgical guidance device that the surgeons can control through an ARVIS headband or compatible helmets already being used for surgeries.

The system empowers surgeons with a hands-free view of the procedure to help them focus on the patient instead of a screen across the room.

“ARVIS was designed to provide surgeons with better information, more confidence, and an enhanced surgical experience that integrates seamlessly into their procedural workflow without the need for obtrusive and unnecessary equipment,” said Louie Vogt, President and General Manager of Enovis Surgical.

It is also significantly smaller and is a more economical alternative for large robotic systems. A wide array of ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals can adopt the solution to provide better technological assistance to more patients and facilitate a better experience for knee or hip replacement procedures.

The platform is the first system with proprietary hardware designed to help surgeons improve patient outcomes by precisely placing hip and knee joint replacements. It is a more sustainable and environment-friendly approach as it eliminates using several single-use plastic instruments and consumables.

Hip or knee replacement is the most prominent treatment for osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. It is also the most common cause of disability in adults, causing degradation of the joint through the breakdown of cartilage.

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