Explore Interactive Partners with Award-Winning Curriculum Developer, EiE

Explore Interactive Partners with Award-Winning Curriculum Developer, EiE

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EiE, the award-winning curricula division of the Museum of Science, Boston, and Explore Interactive are working together to make AR-based engineering and STEM curricular resources available to teachers and students worldwide.

With the help of cutting-edge technology and the award-winning EiE curricula, MindLabs by Explore Interactive will offer teachers indulging activities that are standards-aligned and will help students develop the problem-solving, critical thinking, engineering design, and teamwork skills that are necessary for jobs in the twenty-first century. 


The collaboration of Explore Interactive and EiE with fun, interactive AR-based learning activities will strengthen research-based curricula. EiE creates research-based, classroom-proven programs that enable kids to become lifelong STEM learners. Its pre-K–8 curriculum promotes the idea that all kids can be engineers, even those from underrepresented groups.

As part of the partnership, MindLabs contributes knowledge of augmented reality, digital resources for STEM learning, and essential teaching tools like digital assessment, digital engineering notebooks, and integrated technology for social-emotional learning.

Involvement in STEM subjects can develop a student’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical abilities, all of which are necessary for success in STEM fields. Early exposure can also dispel myths or stereotypes about STEM fields and pique a student’s interest in STEM courses and careers.

“We know that children learn best through play, curiosity, and hands-on practice,” said Amanda Thompson, CEO of Explore Interactive. “We are thrilled to partner with EIE at the Boston Museum of Science to further enrich the experiences of students through in-school and after-school learning activities.”

The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health jointly fund MindLabs’ AR technology. In January 2023, FETC gave MindLabs first place at Pitchfest in the Immersive Technology category. In 2020, Forbes named MindLabs the STEM product with the best hands-on and AR integration.

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