Snap, MAGNA Partner to Evaluate the Impact of AR Ads on Consumer Purchase Journey

Snap, MAGNA Partner to Evaluate the Impact of AR Ads on Consumer Purchase Journey

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The pioneering technology company, Snap, has partnered with the leading global media investment and intelligence company, MAGNA, for its Media Trials offering to develop The Augmented Reality Playbook: Understanding the Role of AR in the Purchase Journey. The study aims to evaluate the true capabilities of augmented reality ads, delivered through mediums such as Snapchat lenses, and understand how they impact the consumer purchase journey.

The two companies are conducting the analysis through several brands spread across diverse verticals from five different markets – Australia, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

The study’s key findings indicate that AR ads deliver utility and help brands foster deeper connections with their customers. Moreover, the consumers found AR ads to be 5% more informative and 6% more useful than traditional advertising forms. The immersive ads also made them feel closer to the brand 1.3 times more and built excitement 1.1 times more than usual.

Augmented reality ads and assets play a crucial role throughout the purchase journey. They can help capture a consumer’s attention during the initial phase. Additionally, they present the brand in a positive light, encouraging the consumers to believe in the brand as being more up-to-date and easy to differentiate.

Marketers can deploy different AR formats to achieve their desired promotional objectives. For instance, shoppable AR lenses trigger consumers towards the end of the purchase journey to take the next step, driving up the search intent. Gamified AR lenses help differentiate consumers at the beginning of the purchase journey, while interactive entertainment AR lenses boost memorability and brand perception in the middle of the journey.

The brands should strategically position AR within the campaign sequencing to optimize the consumer’s exposure to the brand on the platform. Snap and Magna recommend putting AR in the middle of a video, as the surprise element will help enhance brand perception.

“We have seen firsthand the value AR brings to the marketing mix, and specifically how Snapchat can contribute to full-funnel success, as we’ve been creating AR experiences for nearly a decade,” stated Dave Roter, Vice President of Global Agency Partnerships at Snap.

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