Sinuate Media Sets Up an Office in Cannaland, the World’s First Cannabis Metaverse

Sinuate Media Sets Up an Office in Cannaland, the World’s First Cannabis Metaverse

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The marketing technology firm, Sinuate Media, has partnered with the pioneer in the cannabis industry, Cannaverse Technologies, to become its digital marketing advisor in Cannaland, the world’s first cannabis metaverse.

Cannaverse is working with cultivators, growers, manufacturers, sellers, and other stakeholders within the cannabis space to help scale and monetize their brands by addressing the gaps within their operations. The company’s meta marketplace on the blockchain aims to transform the global cannabis industry by connecting the cannabis and hemp communities within a metaverse environment.

Sinuate Media has also acquired real estate in Cannaland to set up a virtual office for visitors to meet and interact for cannabis-related marketing consultations and training. The company will offer metaverse and cannabis-related marketing within the virtual environment to help the brands leverage the new, upcoming opportunities in the sector.

The Cannaland platform is powered on the blockchain and will facilitate instant purchases of virtual real estate, NFTs, and other digital assets using the Cannaland Tokens (CNLT). The project is expected to go live later this year.

“We are excited to welcome Sinuate to join us in Cannaland and partner with them to manage our digital marketing, a cornerstone component to the future success of Cannaland,” said Mark Bonner, CEO of Cannaverse Technologies.

Cannaland will offer businesses the opportunities to set up virtual locations, advertise, and converse with their stakeholders, similar to real-world experiences. The metaverse will also feature a virtual ‘Mainstreet’ to provide users the experience of novel retail concepts, such as consumption lounges.

“We envision our presence in Cannaland will support brands seeking new and innovative opportunities for consumer engagement that go well beyond the increasingly saturated channels in the physical world,” said Leah Messina, Chief Executive Officer of Sinuate Media.

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