EngageXR Unveils the v2.3 Build for Its Immersive Collaboration Platform
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EngageXR Unveils the v2.3 Build for Its Immersive Collaboration Platform

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The immersive virtual collaboration and meeting platform, ENGAGE XR, has unveiled its latest extended reality version 2.3 build with a range of new features to transform the service toward its vision of an enterprise-grade metaverse.

The new version is available to download across all leading digital storefronts, including Google Play, Apple App Store, Meta Quest, Pico, SideQuest, SteamVR, and VivePort. It is also compatible with macOS, offering an enhanced user experience.

The update comes amid the company’s ongoing plan to distribute its LINK service, a platform connecting businesses through bespoke immersive environments. It is currently in the Alpha stage and claims to provide firms with connected persistent environments for continued operations even when the members are offline.

Nevertheless, the new ENGAGE version packs enhanced media sharing, revamped Internet browsers, and an updated Avatar system. It improves the resolution of the Internet and media browsing tabs that enable users to share content to large virtual screens or privately browse the Internet.

In addition to a fully redesigned user interface for sharing and playing media, the update also adds improved support for media, including 3D videos, and for new graphics hardware, such as laptops.

The new build enhances the platform’s virtual meeting redistribution features to allow hosts to save the spatial recording of sessions, enabling them to rewatch the 3D movements of each attendee, featured graphics, and videos. For instance, the hosts can save their events, or teachers can save their virtual lessons for the users to experience the entire session later in its entirety.

Version 2.3 allows for easier spatial editing by introducing a timeline to track real-time 3D (RT3D) assets and enables users to edit animation loops using drag-and-drop functionality. It also adds trigger points to the editing suite, which allows an editor to create interactive assets that activate when a user’s avatar walks close to them.

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