DAN.it Brings Its Metaverse Learning Program to the UK and EU
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DAN.it Brings Its Metaverse Learning Program to the UK and EU

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The Ukrainian edtech company DAN.it has unveiled the first-of-its-kind immersive online global training program within the metaverse.

The fundamental goal behind the initiative was to support Ukrainian students’ education being disrupted by the Russian invasion and following war. Nevertheless, the company is now expanding the program to the UK and EU to bring its immersive training technology to students and professionals across the globe.

DAN.it CEO Ksenia Stolbovaya stated that the company has found the basis for an integrated virtual and augmented reality platform that can assist students facing difficulties and challenges with online learning and training.

“Communication platforms don’t cover all the bases in education. Students turn off their cameras and microphones and miss out on team building and learning experiences,” said Stolbovaya.

DAN.it aims to build a platform where students can interact while studying in an online university and receive highly engaging immersive training. Instead of being on camera during a conventional online class, participants can design their avatars for the metaverse and be a part of a virtual classroom, similar to a video game. They can control their character in many ways and speak through the virtual avatar using their microphone.

The core idea is to add a ‘personal touch’ to online learning currently lacking in how educational content is delivered digitally.

The program currently focuses on technical training, and most students are attending lessons for IT or other tech-related jobs. The metaverse helps them receive more comprehensive training and practice the hands-on skills required to excel in the industry. The company also offers high school math classes and plans to add more courses as it expands to new markets.

“Most of the metaverse is for gaming, but this is a special type of metaverse. This one is specifically for creating study and office spaces and learning and teaching,” added Stolbovaya.

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