The Glimpse Group Acquires Turkey-based AR Virtual Try-on Solutions Developer, PulpoAR

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The virtual reality and augmented reality platform company, The Glimpse Group, has acquired PulpoAR, a Turkey-based AR technology company developing virtual try-on solutions for beauty and retail segments. The acquisition has been completed through The Glimpse Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, QReal.

PulpoAR develops simplified and scalable augmented reality-powered plugins for eCommerce platforms and digital storefronts. The company has a workforce of about 40 software developers based in Turkey, developing innovative deep tech capabilities and a library of over 10 thousand digital assets.

Established just two years ago in 2020, the company is already generating high margin revenues through a recurring SaaS model. Its clients include Sephora, Estee Lauder, Watsons, OBoticario, Carter Beauty, and Baccarose.

PulpoAR’s omnichannel virtual try-on solutions are helping beauty brands tackle the challenges associated with online conversion rates, ROI, and engagement with their consumers. The technology supports facial makeup, nail color, hair color, AI skin analysis, and other related applications, enabling consumers to try on desired products virtually. Its implementation has resulted in higher average cart conversion rates and reduced promotional costs, increasing the overall ROI.

The company’s founders, Onur Candan (CEO), Rayan Godoi (CRO), and Bugrahan Bayat (CTO), will continue to run the company under QReal. Its operations will be combined with Glimpse Turkey, bringing the headcount in Glimpse Turkey to over a hundred.

Onur is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with over ten years of experience creating digital experiences for brands. He had previously co-founded Visionteractive, a company utilizing custom robotics and devices to create digital experiences that bridge the gap between online and the real world.

“Glimpse has built an extraordinary and far-reaching AR and VR ecosystem, with tremendous benefits for its underlying subsidiary companies. We believe that by joining, we can focus on our core, significantly accelerate our growth, expand our market presence and enhance our capabilities,” said Onur.

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