Perfect Corp. Unveils AR-powered Virtual Try-on NFT Solution for Fashion and Beauty Brands

Perfect Corp. Unveils AR-powered Virtual Try-on NFT Solution for Fashion and Beauty Brands

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The leading artificial intelligence and augmented reality beauty and fashion tech company, Perfect Corp., has introduced an AR-powered virtual try-on NFT solution. The company aims to enable its customers to engage with digital assets and new-age virtual experiences.

The NFT solution will be powered through augmented reality, setting it apart from conventional image, video, and audio formats. The company’s beauty and fashion partners can further deliver the NFT experience to their customers from their own digital channels, such as a website or a mobile app.

The AR-powered NFT solution will bring NFTs together with virtual try-on capabilities to deliver a personalized experience to the customers. It will provide them access to numerous assets across multiple beauty and fashion categories, such as makeup looks, watches, jewelry, glasses, nail art, and more.

Perfect Corp. has developed a complete, streamlined solution that simplifies the NFT creation process, making it highly accessible for brands who wish to explore opportunities within the domain. It leverages the most prominent NFT-trading and NFT-wallet platforms to enable beauty and fashion brands to capitalize on the latest consumer trends.

The company is well-positioned to assist brands in this endeavor with its immense AI and AR expertise and one of the most significant beauties and fashion AR digital asset libraries. With the rising popularity of the metaverse, such digital assets will hold enormous value as customers could engage with them in the virtual worlds.

“As the retail world embraces the Metaverse, AR technology will be essential to create personalized and immersive experiences,” stated Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang.

She further explained how the new NFT business solutions could fulfill the dual objectives of creating a presence in the NFT space and helping the brands deliver an enhanced customer experience with AR virtual try-on technology. It could also lead to new, previously unexplored revenue opportunities for companies.

The company will host a demo for the new NFT solution at the SXSW Conference from 11th to 20th March in Austin, Texas.

Moreover, Perfect Corp. had also unveiled a range of collectible AR-powered NFTs. The collection comprises numerous complete makeup looks and accessories.

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